Western Union US App Reviews

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Great App

Awesome App, very easy very user friendly!


Very easy to use app, love it! Thank you


Great app. So easy to send money.


I love this app the way you pay here. But now when i send a money to the receiver i need to the Agent just to pay there and send it to the receiver!

My First 5 Star

Really Easy To Use ! as simple as one click..keep it up

Very Unreliable from the app to its Representative

I have been using western union for 11 years now to send money to my dad. And today I realized that I couldnt go to the store and send money for my sick father. So I decided to download the app and send money online. Transaction was completed and the MTCN to my dad. Then next thing you know, my dad calls worrying and saying that theres no transaction. So I called western union to ask why my dad cant receive the money and the rep told me that I have to submit the picture of my valid ID, I need to state why Im sending money to my dad, whats my relationship to my dad. Hello western union!!!! You want me to provide all of that information before you allow to send my money to my dad?!! Really??!! Hello western union no stupid illegal transaction going on here. My dad is sick and needs medicine yet youre not allowing my transaction just because you needed more stupid verification? I mean common, then might as well go to the store than use this stupid app. Inconvenient and pathetic.

Quick and easy

Quick and easy if youre using a credit card, at least for domestic money transfers.

Great App!

So quick and easy. I have a son in the military and this is by far the easiest way to send him money!


Please increase the transfer. Rate... but u r not charging the transfer fee thats awsome.

awesomely easy

really impressed

Easy to use

Very convenient

Great app

Quick and easy to use.

Thank you

This app make me save a lot of time and money. Very convenient you dont have to wait none look for a place in google map.

Using Rewards

Ive used the app to send money easily. However, I dont understand HOW in the heck to use rewards.. Maybe Im missing something? WHERE during the transaction does the app allow me to use my rewards? I see where to add promo codes but it wont allow me to use my rewards number. Any help?

Fast and Easy!!!

I have saved the bank accounts Im sending to and it takes seconds to send money overseas to relatives.

Low exchange rates and fee

Not a reliable company to opt for money transfer if your remittance country is India. These guys are offering low exchange rates and on top of it they are charging fee as well. With all this information that I wanted to share, the reason Im writing review for this app here is, the exchange rate provided in mobile app way less than the website. Not sure why they dont have a common data store of exchange rate.

Very convenient

First-time user. Very easy.

Nicely done.

Great, convenient app. Easy to use and well layer out. Never been simpler to use WesternUnion.


Easy to use app. Dont understand how the rewards points work.


Fast and easy

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