Money Transfer WesternUnion US App Reviews

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Would love to be able to receive money also .. transfer from WU to bank


Did what I needed it to do.

Great app

I love it..saves me from going out when Im feeling lazy..send it straight from my bank card for lower fee than I would pay if I went to the store

You cant deposit on bank

You cant send money to an account bank out of USA. You only can send money and the other person has to go an agency and pick up the money. They should go forward and give us the option to deposit direct to the bank when you send money out of the country.

Easy come, Easier go

Works great. Love the thumb log in. Makes it too easy to send money, and I have sent hundreds. And wouldnt you like to know who I send these hundreds to?Two words- Muchas Novias. I almost wish it was a little more of a pain to use this app. Maybe then I could say-no,it is such a hassle that I will not be able to send you money today. Instead I have the nickname Mucho Pagar. 5 star app that I just might delete.


It was great for me thank you so much

Western Union app

Just downloaded the app and it works great.


It is really easy to send money through WU and it gives best rates.

Useful and straightforward

Its a good app, it could be better but it does the job

Love "Repeat transaction" option

Use this app every month to send money back home. Works great!

Easy to use

Great to be able to send Christmas/Birthday/anytime $ to family overseas. Less worries knowing its going from one bank to another.

What a relief

No more searching and looking for weird places and suspicious looking stores and standing for a long time filling papers then find the system down. Right from your bed you can help and send money to your loved ones

OK, but...

I have been married 4 years now and sometimes send my husband family money to Turkey. Before I send it theres a warning about Immigrations to me. That is stupid. My family arent criminals. They dont ask me for money. I do it because I want to help. Other than that. Its good.

Great App

Simple and easy to use.

Dont see any issues

Ive used the app twice now to send money to my aussie account from USA and I havent had a problem. App seems stable and transfers are easy and cheaper from bank to bank than doing via wire transfer Update: Regularly use this app and have never had a problem. Helps me to transfer money to Australia with ease

Smooth and easy

Easy to navigate, though the appearance is not good it get jobs done

Perfect App!

The app works like it should! Flawless!


Best thing ever!


Quick and easy! I can send wires to my bank account!


Amazing. Always Simple, Quickly and Trust

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