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Fast and simple


No se puede editar la información del destinatario

He tratado muchas veces de cambiar la información del destinatario y la aplicación no la actualiza, repite el apellido 2 veces y no se puede borrar, entonces siempre que envío dinero me toca llamar a servicio al cliente para que lo cambien, es molesto cada que envío dinero tener que hacer esto, se supone que la aplicación es para ahorrar tiempo, pero pierdo mucho tiempo llamando cada vez que envío dinero.

Redeem points

I can’t never redeem my wu points.

Worst customer service ever

For someone who uses their service on a regular basis, I sweat to God WU has the worst customer service ever. Like they’re consistently bad, ill-mannered and so incompetent. It’s like it’s part of their training like “the meanest of you will get a rewards”. Man if I could give a negative star I would. Their behavior is sickening

Money transfer error

The last time i tried to send a money transfer i kept in getting an error message. Today i tried to send money and i got the error message twice .

Es lo máximo excelente

Súper segura rápida y confiable es excelente

Nice app and easy to use

I didn’t get any problems with this app


It freezes a lot and I have to do the process over and over but ... after it finally works the job is done !

Sooooo Convenient

This app has helped me send loved ones money in minutes. From anywhere I am. I don’t have to find a WesternUnion retailer. Just open app press send money fill in a few things and I’m done. My son was stuck in Buffalo. His plane rerouted and then decided to strand passengers. My son was on his way home so he didn’t have a cent on him. If it wasn’t for this app. I don’t know what would’ve happened. This is just one instance, I could go on. But I won’t. Thank you WesternUnion from me and my family.


Amo este app ustedes nos dan un buen servicio y rápido en todo el mundo gracias por sus servicios que dios los bendiga


Once a month I send $. Hassle free

Not true to their words

Very annoying concerning the rewards. Every time I try to redeem it keeps spinning says it’s loading and never ever allows me to redeem. I have been using this app for three years plus and never ever was able to redeem my points and on top of that I keep losing rewards points instead of it increasing it keeps decreasing. Oh and by he way every time you try a nickname for your review, every nickname is already taken.


App is easy and fast to use but blocks user from transferring money if WiFi connection isn’t strong enough and the charge fee to use a card is ridiculous.

Best and most easiest money transfer app!!!

I have been using app over 3 years. Best service ever. A to Z A++++++

Como calificó el servicio de WesternUnion

Bueno pues tengo 5 años enviando dinero por este medio y debo decir que han mejorado mucho, ahora dicen claramente si hay un inconveniente para mandar o para quien recibe el dinero en Mexico en este caso, he recibido solo un descuento en un envío en todo este tiempo .. me parece justo q a los clientes dependiendo del la frecuencia con q enviemos nuestro dinerito nos den algunas recompensas como no cobrar por algún envío o un rate diferente tomarnos un poquito más alto nuestros pesitos y/o algo así más para la navidad y muertos también cuando se trata de una emergencia médica o fallecimiento q es cuando necesitamos hasta el último peso como es mi caso ahora... gracias por aceptar mi sugerencia 💵💰💸

Great and easy to use!

I love this App. Western Union has now made it so easy to use. To send money. Great!

Online transfers do not work

The app doesn’t fulfill its only purpose - online transfers. I’ve tried paying through Apple Pay, bank account, credit and debit cards. Nothing went through, giving me the same error. I wish I could give zero stars, or negative five🤣🤣🤣

Great Improvement

I’ve used this app for several years now and although I’ve been able to successfully send money it’s been a little confusing. I just downloaded the latest update and Wow! It’s very easy to use. I’m totally happy and will continue using the app with renewed optimism. Good job WU.

Fast and convenient

I do my transfers in minutes. Definitely way better than driving to a location. 👍🏼👍🏼

Excelente trabajo!!

De lo mejor para lo que es enviar dinero...

Easy Peasy!

Paid my mortgage in less than 5 minutes while watching football! Love the his application. Easy Peasy!


Amigable sistema

Terrible customer service and transaction experiences

The transaction was so terrible I had to cancel it and resend and tie my money up. I called in 4x. was hung up on and was told I don’t need to worry about why the transaction wasn’t able to pull up using my tracking no 024 526 0860 not by my phone no 321-474-6299. My bank had confirmed the transaction 1 hr earlier and WU sent me a conf email an hr prior as well. The agent even asked me if I paid in cash at a Walgreens when I used your website. I requested my transaction be cancelled with Anna #076. It still isn’t showing canceled on your app. I am concerned with the safety of my bank card info and would like to request a copy of my recorded calls to WU. I requested a refund for the transaction fee and I was told no and that i am entitled to my personal opinion with this whole transaction being mishandled. I have family waiting in the rain and cold for 1.5 hrs with babies to pick up a little ol $25 dollars??? No way is this acceptable service for a $6.50 fee when a cash app would have been so much simpler and $1. Please send me your legal dept phone number. And the address to send a letter to your COO and president of the company.

Don’t use this app

This is the worst app you could ever use for sending money they hold the money for too long and if you try to refund or cancel the transaction it will take even longer it has been 10 days for me and I did not get My money back in my account

Unpleasent Service

I would like to share my unpleasant experience with this remittance! I send money to the Philippines specifically in Albay province. This is my first to send money using this platform since my old platform is quite expensive using dollar to dollar. When my brother is going to get the dollar, they don’t have dollar and worst it needs to be requested and subject for approval. I am sending a dollar that is my money and my dollar needs an approval for the pay out of usd. So to claim my money they give my brother a peso which is lower than the exact and time rate that time! I will not money using this platform again. So to conclude they high jacked my usd to convert to peso.


Very easy and enjoyable to use

Simple and useful

The app is really simple to use. I made an account and use Touch ID on an iPhone which makes things faster. I complete my monthly transfers within minutes and I am able to text all the information to the receiver.

Western Union

Great App love it thanks

Technical difficulties

I used to be able to perform transactions with ease but for 2 days now I need to send money to my family out of the country and I keep getting a “technical difficulty, try again later” message on the app and the website. I emailed for assistance and I have not received any help as of yet.


After transfer money, The Resend button is confusing. Should not be there to avoid duplication.

No good

Why can't I apply for an account? The date of birth is always impossible to fill out




Very quick and app is VERY easy to use!


Buena aplicación y fácil de usar

5 stars

I love this app makes it easy and fast... don’t have to leave the house going to different stores who system is down can do it right from home

Bad service

The App with foreigners countries has bad errors !!! Don’t use it to send money to South America!!! The App ask for first and last name !!! In Latin countries they use first,middle and last name as it show in a ID !! I called customer services 4 times in a day to fix this problem!!! My family tried to collect the wire 3 times without success !!! Very disappointed !!! I canceled the transaction it will take 7 to 10 days to get the refund!!

Great App

App does everything you need safely and securely as if you were in your laptop. I have not had any issues sending money to people while using the app.


Remembers all my info. Can resend any prior transfer. Easy interface!

Good service

Thank you

Time savings

I wish I found this earlier it’s saved me a lot of times and I can actually transfer money from bed . Thank you WU

Useless and causes inconvenience.

The WesternUnion app is useless. I use the app since you switch to paperless transaction and instead of making the transfer faster, the money was put on hold. I didn’t do anything wrong, I just selected the “pick up cash” option and went to one of the WesternUnion location and they said the money was put on hold maybe because I used the app, the funny thing is my aunt was able to get her money with a different transaction without using the app. When I called the costumer service they can’t give me any answer and that the sender should directly contact WesternUnion and because of that I waited for a day to get the money and all my schedule changed because of this inconvenience. I’d rather go back to the old way instead of using your useless app.

On Time

When the need is there, Western Union is on time, anywhere.

Good service

I like this app is Better

Venmo is quicker and cheaper

Venmo is quicker and cheaper!


Works perfectly and great interface. Fully functional. This will save me tons of time. Great app!

Very good

The app is useful and is very much easy to use.

Service and Convenience

Swift and easy. No lines, easy to follow

Excelente APP

Fácil de usar... rápida.... y segura!!! 100X100 recordando!

Quick & Easy

I Love this app it's quick and easy! Never have a problem and i can pull the app and do a quick send/pay in less then 2min on my previous payment/send.

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